Theatre in English


For our international audience

In Teatr Bagatela the language barrier can’t cause quite a problem. We have a special service for our international audience.

The current dates of subtitled performances and performances in English can be found here.

You can see:

– several of our performances subtitled in English:​

  • Patrycja Babicka & Magdalena Zarębska-Węgrzyn THE FINAL 300 METERS. A story inspired by the life of Wanda Rutkiewicz (Ostatnie 300 metrów), dir. Bartosz Kulas, running time 1 hr: 6 January – 5:00 pm – A tale of passion beyond the limits of imagination.
  • David Greig & Gordon McIntyre MIDSUMMER (Szaleństwa nocy), dir. Iwona Jera, running time 90’: 2 February – 7:15 pm – Something you’d never expect from a romantic comedy!
Theatre in English