• Hollow Shells

Hollow Shells

Marcin Szczygielski

Czas: 100 min 1 interval Scena na Sarego 7

Translator Piotr Krasnowolski
Director Piotr Urbaniak
Set Designer Joanna Schoen
Music Michał Woźniak
Lighting Designer Marek Oleniacz
Stage Manager / Prompter Sylwia Domin

Hollow Shells (Wydmuszka)


The story of women’s friendship that shouldn’t happen. Hollow Shells is a play already known to a Krakow audience as Wydmuszka.

The idea of staging a performance in English comes from our willingness to embrace a new audience -  foreign visitors to Krakow as well as our English speaking residents who have so far only been able to see the local shows in Polish or with subtitles.  Watching a performance in English can also serve as a great way of perfecting the language for those who study it.

Hollow Shells is a graceful story of an impossible friendship. Szczygielski has has smartly chosen the characters by vastly contrasting the worlds they live in. In the words of the director, Piotr Urbaniak, this is a foundation for the irony and comedy of the show which do not undermine but only serve  to underline the message of the play.



It’s raining, isn’t it!?


Do you have a card?


A credit card?


A library card.


No. Why should I?


A reader without a card cannot borrow books.


            If I wanted a book, I would buy one, wouldn’t I? I can afford it.


Przedstawienie w języku angielskim grane z polskimi napisami.

Premiere: 21 October, 2014; Scena na Sarego 7

English version premiere: 16 June, 2017; Scena na Sarego 7